You've looked around your home, taken a deep breath, and made the decision - it's time to sell your home. For most people, just the thought of moving makes them nervous - you need every tool in your toolbox to feel confident about the process, and to make sure it goes smoothly. There's one element that can make or break your experience, and that's your realtor. It's not just finding a breathing human with a real estate license - this is a significant emotional endeavor. You need someone you connect with, who understands what you need and how you communicate, someone who sees the value in your home the same way you do and goes above and beyond to market it. And more than anything, you need someone who has a strong understanding of the market. 

The bottom line is - the agent you pick can cost or save you THOUSANDS of dollars. There are particular questions you should be asking to make sure that you get the best representation for your needs. Some agents may prefer that you don't ask these questions, because the knowledge you'll gain from their honest answers will give you an indication about what outcome you can expect from their services And let's face it - in real estate, as in life - not all things are created equal.

Hiring a real estate agent is just like any hiring process - with you on the boss's side of the desk. So what questions should you ask? Let's dig in. 


1. What makes you different? Why should I list my home with you?

It's a much tougher real estate market than it was a decade ago. What unique marketing plans and programs does this agent have in place to make sure that your home stands out favorably versus other competing homes? What things does this agent offer you that others don't help you sell your home in the least amount of time with the least amount of hassle and for the most amount of money?

2. What are your company's track record and reputation in the market place?

It may seem like everywhere you look, real estate agents are boasting about being #1 for this or that, or quoting you the number of homes they've sold. If you're like many homeowners, you've probably become immune to much of this information. After all, you ask, "Why should I care about how many homes one agent sold over another. The only thing I care about is whether they can sell my home quickly for the most amount of money."

Well, because you want your home sold fast, and for top dollar, you should be asking the agents you interview how many homes they have sold. I'm sure you will agree that success in real estate is selling homes. If one agent is selling a lot of homes where another is selling only a handful, ask yourself why this might be? What things are these two agents doing differently?

You may be surprised to know that many agents sell fewer than ten homes a year. This volume makes it difficult for them to do full impact marketing on your home because they can't raise the money it takes to afford the advertising and special programs to give your home a high profile. Also, at this low level, they probably can't afford to hire an assistant, which means that they're running around trying to do all the components of the job themselves, which means service may suffer.

3. What are your marketing plans for my home?

How much money does this agent spend in advertising the homes s/he lists versus the other agents you are interviewing? In what media (newspaper, magazine, TV, etc.) does this agent advertise? What does s/he know about the effectiveness of one medium over the other?

4. What has your company sold in my area?

Agents should bring you a complete listing of both their own and other comparable sales in your area.

5. Does your Broker control your advertising, or do you?

If your agent is not in control of their advertising, then your home will be competing for advertising space not only with this agent's other listings but also with the listings of every other agent in the brokerage.

6. On average, when your listings sell, how close is the selling price to the asking price?

This information is available from the Real Estate Board. Is this agent's performance higher or lower than the board average? Their performance on this measurement will help you predict how high a price you will get for the sale of your home.

7. On average, how long does it take for your listings to sell?

This information is also available from the Real Estate Board. Does this agent tend to sell faster or slower than the board average? Their performance on this measurement will help you predict how long your home will be on the market before it sells.

8. How many Buyers are you currently working with?

The more buyers your agent is working with, the better your chances are of selling your home quickly. It will also impact price because an agent with many buyers can set up an auction-like atmosphere where many buyers bid on your home at the same time. Ask them to describe the system they have for attracting buyers.

9. Do you have a reference list of clients I could contact?

Ask to see this list, and then proceed to spot check some of the names.

10. What happens if I'm not happy with the job you are doing to get my home sold? Can I cancel my listing contract?

Be wary of agents that lock you into a lengthy listing contract which they can get out of (by ceasing to market your home effectively), but you can't. There are usually penalties and broker protection periods which safeguard the agent's interests, but not yours. How confident is your agent in the service s/he will provide you? Will s/he allow you to cancel your contract without penalty if you're not satisfied with the service provided?

Evaluate each agent's responses to these ten questions carefully and objectively. Who will do the best job for you? These questions will help you decide.

Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash
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There's a sentiment on the internet lately and it's that people are ready for 2019 to be over. It's been a wild ride, for Calgarians, for Canadians, for citizens around the world, in real estate and beyond. Here's what we're saying - you have full permission to be ready to say goodbye to 2019 and welcome 2020 and a new decade with open arms. 

If 2020 feels like it's going to be a year of fresh beginnings, maybe now is a good time to take steps to get your home ready for staging. Or even if you just want to perk up your home and clear some clutter, rules of staging make any home look great, no matter what phase of life you're in. Consider getting your home staging a cleanse - when all the holiday decor comes down, it can be an opportunity for an audit of all your stuff, and allow you to pick out what matters and what doesn’t 

If you’ve ever visited model homes, you’re familiar with effective presentation styles. Have you ever walked into one of these homes and immediately begun taking stock, planning how to get your home to look that good? Well, now is the time to take some of these steps. Of course, there are ways to achieve the same effect in your own home without incurring model home costs.

When homes create this immediate type of emotional appeal, they tend to sell quickly— and for more money. Use the following step-by-step guide to get your house into selling shape before you put the property on the market, and you’ll be well on your way to a successful sale!

1. Depersonalize

This should be one of your first steps when you begin preparing your house to sell. Over the years, a home inevitably becomes tattooed with the owners’ lives, covered with touches that have made it that special place for you. At this point, however, you want buyers to recognize it as a property they could make into their unique place. When a homebuyer walks into a room and sees these personalizing touches—such as photos on the walls or trophy collections—their ability to picture their own lives in this room is jarred, impairing a positive emotional response. So, your first step will be to remove all the family photos, the trophies, collectible items, and souvenirs. Pack them all together, so you’ll have everything you need at your disposal when it comes time to personalize your new home. For the time being, rent a storage space and keep these items there. Do not simply transfer these items to another place in your house. Do not hoard them away in a closet, basement, attic, or garage, as the next step in preparing your home is to minimize clutter—and these areas of your house will all be targeted

2. Remove all clutter. 

The next step on the list is to purge your house of the excess items that have accumulated over the years. This is the hardest part for many people, as they have an emotional investment in many of these things. When you have lived in a house for several years, a build-up of personal effects occurs that is often so gradual that you don’t notice the space is becoming cluttered. If you need to, bring in an objective friend to help point out areas that could stand to be cleared. Try to stand back yourself and see your house as a buyer might. Survey shelves, countertops, drawers, closets, the basement—all places where clutter often accumulates—to determine what needs to go. Use a system to help you decide: get rid of all items, for example, you haven’t used in the past five years, and pack up everything that you haven’t used in the past year. Although getting rid of some things might be hard, try to do it without conscience or remorse. You’ll be forced to go through this process anyway when you move, and with each box you eliminate, your storage space—and the room in general—begins to look larger. We’ve broken down the process into specific areas of your house to help you concentrate your efforts:


The kitchen is an ideal place to begin, as it’s easy to spot and eliminate the type of clutter that tends to accumulate here. Homebuyers will open your drawers and cabinets as they’ll want to check if there will be enough room for their own belongings. If the drawers appear cluttered and crowded, this will give them the impression there is not enough space.

  • First of all, remove everything from the counters, even the toaster (the toaster can be stored in a cabinet, and brought out when needed).

  • Clean out all the cabinets and drawers. Put aside all of the dishes, pots and pans that you rarely use, then box them and put them in the storage unit you have rented (again, not in the basement or a closet).

  • If you, like many people, have a “junk drawer,” clear this out.

  • Get rid of the food items in the pantry that you don’t use. Begin to use up existing food—let what you have on your shelves dictate your menus from now on.

  • Remove all extra cleaning supplies from the shelves beneath the sink. Make sure this area is as empty as possible. You should thoroughly clean this spot as well, and check for any water stains that might indicate leaking pipes. Buyers will look in most cabinets, and will notice any telltale signs of damage.


  • Go through all clothes and shoes. If you don’t wear something anymore, get rid of it. We all have those clothes, too, that we wear only once in awhile, but can’t bear to give away. Box these items and keep them in the storage unit for a few months.

  • Go through all other personal items in the closet. Be ruthless. Weed out everything you don’t absolutely need.

  • Remove any unsightly boxes from the back of the closet. Put them in storage if need be. Get everything off the floor. Closets should look as though they have enough room to hold additional items.


  • You may want to tour a few model homes in order to gauge the type of furniture chosen by design teams to create a spacious, yet comfortable atmosphere. Note how that furniture is arranged to cultivate a certain feeling.

  • After having armed yourself with some ideas, stand back and look at each of your rooms. What will you need to remove? Remember, most homes contain too much furniture for showings. These are items that you’ve grown comfortable with and that have become incorporated into your everyday routine. However, each room should offer a sense of spaciousness, so some furniture will likely need to be placed in storage.

Storage Areas:

  • Basements, garages, attics, and sheds: these are the “junkyard” areas of any given home. It is possible to arrange simple clutter into a certain order, but junk is sent packing to these often-hidden rooms. First, determine which of these boxes and items you actually need. Can some of it be sent to the dump once and for all?

  • Hold a Garage Sale. You’ve heard the saying, “One person’s trash is another’s treasure.” Let these items go to a better home

  • Transfer some items to the rental storage unit. You’ll want to clear the storage areas in your house as much as possible, in order for them to appear spacious to potential home-buyers. Buyers want the reassurance that their own excess belongings will find places for storage in their new home.

Eliminating clutter from your home will do you a world of good - it will help you clear space in your mind, and give you more rest and peace when you are at home. As well, it will help show you how much stuff you have - and how much stuff you don’t really need. Start the new year fresh! 

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Homeward Bound

Ken Rigel Group Referral Club News December 2019


Thanks for making our 2019 AWESOME!!!! We're looking forward to helping more fantastic friends in 2020. In This Month's News:
  • JDRF BE A TYPE Onesie campaign is still going on…some time left to help our friends over at JDRF who do awesome work. 
  • Check out the story of JDRF Ambassador Addison.
  • We’ve got our Social Hot Topic of the month….the 4 Ingredients to selling your home in any market,
  • We give you the recap on the market for the year with our Street View of Calgary Real Estate,
  • And there are some awesome off market properties that we have in our back pocket that you can get a shot at before anyone else does, just for being part of the KR Group Referral Club…you can check those out too. 
Keep Scrolling for all the details!

There is Still Time To Donate To


Campaign before the end of the year!

This December, JDRF is asking you to pull on your favourite pjs, gather your crew and raise funds for type 1 diabetes (T1D) research.  Be a #Type Onesie is a fun and flexible do-it-yourself fundraiser in support of the JDRF. It is an opportunity to gather with your friends, family and colleagues in your onesie or best pajamas, all while raising funds for T1D research.           


Decide what works for you! The idea is to host a fundraiser during the month of December while wearing your PJs. All you need to do is set up a fundraising page where you can collect donations and get the word out. (CONTINUE TO FULL STORY)

Meet one of the JDRF Ambassadors! These kids are the reason we work so hard to raise funds and awareness. 
We donate a portion of our income every year to JDRF. We give a cash donation for every referral we get!

The 4 Ingredients To Sell Your Home In Any Market

Like every recipe, if you follow it correctly, it will turn out well! There are four basic steps you need to take to sell your home, not just in this market, but in any market - but how can you take them if you don't know what they are? 

They Say it Best! Check out Our 5 Star Reviews!

"We had an incredibly positive experience working with Ken to find the perfect home for our family. He took the time to understand our needs and we were never pressured to compromise on our search criteria."

- Trevor 
Actually though, what's your home worth? 
We'll tell you right now - like, RIGHT now. 
Are We Finally Saying Goodbye To The Doom and Gloom Of Failing Listing Prices? 
If you've been watching the Calgary real estate market for the last five years, you know it's tough to get excited about listing your home for sale. Since 2014, prices have slowly eroded. What does 202 have in store? Check out our take on the market with the KR Group Street View of Calgary Real Estate (CONTINUE TO FULL STORY)
Did You Know????

At the Ken Rigel Group,

- We sell MORE Homes than 99% of the OTHER Guys (We're Top 1% of Calgary Realtors)

- We Sell homes 30% faster than the industry average

- We Sell Homes for 2% more than the industry average

- Our last client survey had 96% of their past clients saying they would come back and use our services again

-We Donate a Portion of our Income every year to great causes like JDRF


Get Your Home Matched with over 3000 Buyers Today!

We currently have over 3000 people searching for homes in our database! Get your home matched with our Qualified Buyers Program today. Your home may already be sold!


Unique opportunity in beautiful Wildwood! This home sits on a massive lot backing onto the Edworthy park ravine with full western exposure. Build your dream home or renovate to your heart’s content in the existing house. 
Get More Listing Details
Get More Listing Details
Roxboro House, one of Calgary's premiere addresses, offers incredible amenities in the building, and the chic lifestyle of living in Mission..and to top it off, it's a penthouse with panoramic downtown views! 
Get More Listing Details

Homes For Sale Not On the MLS - Exclusive Access For Our Friends and Family


Membership should have its privileges, right? Here’s a few that aren’t on the MLS yet. We give you first access before anyone else can see them

Welcome to 3119 45 St. S.W….a fantastic opportunity to get into Glenbrook in a detached home for an affordable price! The lot is the key here…50x107 makes future development potential ideal. 
Get More Listing Details
**INCREDIBLE EXECUTIVE LOFT PENTHOUSE WITH RAVINE AND MOUNTAIN VIEWS FOR SALE!** Villa D’Este has become an address that discerning buyers know. Located in Tuscany, and backing onto the ravine, this lofted condo is the nicest in the building. 
Get More Listing Details
Get More Listing Details
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Register Now! Donate To This Event


This December, pull on your favourite pjs, gather your crew and raise funds for type 1 diabetes (T1D) research.  Be a #Type Onesie is a fun and flexible do-it-yourself fundraiser in support of the JDRF. It is an opportunity to gather with your friends, family and colleagues in your onesie or best pajamas, all while raising funds for T1D research.           


Decide what works for you! The idea is to host a fundraiser during the month of December while wearing your PJs. All you need to do is set up a fundraising page where you can collect donations and get the word out.

Here are some ideas of ways to get involved:


Onesie Ambassador: Set up a fundraising page letting everyone know why you want to stand out and stand up to T1D. Then make sure to post a picture of yourself in your pjs and ask your friends and family to donate.

School Pajama Day: Choose a day of the week, set the price and get the kids come to school in their favourite pjs.                                                            

PJ Competition: Hold a competition at your office for the best pjs! Charge a donation fee to participate.

Family/Holiday Pajama Party: Family members, friends and pets can don their best bedtime attire and celebrate, while donating to JDRF.

Make sure to post fun photos on Facebook or Instagram and include hashtags #TypeOnesie and #JDRFCanada and ask your friends to donate too.

Want to win a $100 HBC gift card? During the month of December, share your Type Onesie photos on Instagram and Facebook with hashtag #TypeOnesie to be entered. May the best onesie win!

Be a #TypeOnesie! Register Now!






Questions: please email [email protected]





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I have listed a new property at 3310 10221 Tuscany BV NW in Calgary.
**INCREDIBLE EXECUTIVE LOFT PENTHOUSE WITH RAVINE AND MOUNTAIN VIEWS FOR SALE!** Villa D’Este has become an address that discerning buyers know. Located in Tuscany, and backing onto the ravine, this lofted condo is the nicest in the building. It’s been updated over the past 2 years with a kitchen make over, new carpet, paint, lighting, appliances and bathroom renovations to make it truly something special. No other unit in the building compares to the quality and finishing. We love the two storey windows that frame that beautiful Alberta sky, the open to below loft that can be used as a sitting area, office, or pretty much anything else, the eye for detail with the updates that were done, and the exceptional location, with the ravine, walking paths, amenities, and the LRT all close by. An awesome opportunity for the empty nester/snow bird to downsize, but not give up quality, or for any executive that wants maintenance free living to complement their busy lifestyle. For more information, click the extra features links, and to book a tour, call or text the number above.
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I have listed a new property at 3119 45 ST SW in Calgary.
***SUPER CUTE BUNGALOW, 10 MINS TO DOWNTOWN WITH TONS OF PARKING FOR SALE!*** WHAT WE LOVE ABOUT IT: Location, location, location. Right in the heart of the Westside, this home is close to everything. LRT, shopping, restaurants, 10 mins to downtown, Mount Royal University, it really is in a spectacular spot. The surrounding schools are excellent, and there is a great mix of younger families and established owners around you. It’s a super cute bungalow with new paint and lighting, a gas stove in the kitchen, fully developed basement, and a back yard that has recently been fenced and sodded. Garden doors off the kitchen lead to a huge west facing deck. There is RV parking in the back plus 3 more spots including a garage off the PAVED ALLEY! In the past few years, tons of trees have been taken down, the front and back landscaping has all been re-done, the house has been painted, and new lighting has been done. It’s a great house that needs a new owner! WHY THE OWNER IS SELLING: It was being used as a home office, and they needed a bigger space. CALL, TEXT, OR EMAIL TO BOOK A TOUR. SEE THE EXTRA FEATURES TABS BELOW FOR FLOOR PLANS, VIDEO AND OTHER DETAILS.
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THE List Of Home Inspection Issues To Be Aware Of Before You Put Your Home On the Market 

- A pre inspection could save you a ton of money!

Home buyers are as individual as the homes they dream of purchasing - everyone has tastes and preferences that make shopping for a new home challenging and exciting. There’s no one home fits all! But one thing all home buyers have in common is a desire to ensure that the home they will call their own is as good beneath the surface as it appears to be.

We've noticed a trend over the past couple of years where a deal is only half done when we get the offer negotiated. We now have to go through the home inspection, which has been opening another round of negotiations in most situations. This causes a ton of stress for sellers, as home inspections usually make or break a sale. We talk to our inspector Chris Odds of Odds on Home Inspections about the benefits of a pre-inspection in our attached video. Think about could know what issues your home has long before it becomes a deal-jeopardizing problem, giving you ample time to repair them. Also, it could save you thousands in price reductions after the fact. Making you money, and selling with less stress? That's a win in my book!

THE List Of Home Inspection Issues To Be Aware Of Before You Put Your Home On the Market

When you put your home on the market, you don’t want any unpleasant surprises that could cost you the sale of your home. By having an understanding of these 11 problem areas as you walk through your home, you’ll be arming yourself against future disappointment.

  1. Defective Plumbing

Defective plumbing can manifest itself in two different ways: leaking, and clogging. A visual inspection can detect leaking, and an inspector will gauge water pressure by turning on all faucets in the highest bathroom and then flushing the toilet. Is your plumbing made of Poly B or Kytek? This could cause insurance issues for potential buyers.

  1. Damp or Wet Basement

An inspector will check your walls for a powdery white mineral deposit a few inches off the floor, and will look to see if you feel secure enough to store things right on your basement floor. A mildew odor is almost im- possible to eliminate, and an inspector will certainly be conscious of it. It could cost you $200-$1,000 to seal a crack in or around your basement foundation depending on severity and location. Adding a sump pump and pit could run you around $1500 - $6,000, and complete waterproofing (of an average 3 bedroom home) could amount to +/- $15,000. You will have to weigh these figures into the calculation of what price you want to net on your home.

  1. Inadequate Wiring & Electrical

Your home should have a minimum of 100 amps service, and this should be clearly marked. Wire should be copper. Home inspectors will look at grouding issues, double tapped panels, and overloaded circuits.

  1. Poor Heating & Cooling Systems

Insufficient insulation, and an inadequate or a poorly functioning heating system, are the most common causes of poor heating. While an adequately clean furnace, without rust on the heat exchanger, usually has life left in it, an inspector will be asking and checking to see if your furnace is over its typical life span of 15-25 yrs. For a forced air gas system, a heat ex- changer will come under particular scrutiny since one that is cracked can emit deadly carbon monoxide into the home. These heat exchangers must be replaced if damaged - they cannot be repaired.

  1. Roofing Problems

Water leakage through the roof can occur for a variety of reasons such as physical deterioration of the asphalt shingles (e.g. curling or splitting), or mechanical damage from a wind storm. When gutters leak and downspouts allow water to run down and through the exterior walls, this external problem becomes a major internal one.

  1. Damp Attic Spaces

Aside from basement dampness, problems with ven- tilation, insulation and vapor barriers can cause water, moisture, mold and mildew to form in the attic. This can lead to premature wear of the roof, structure and building materials. The cost to fix this damage could easily run over $2,500.

  1. Rotting Wood

This can occur in many places (door or window frames, trim, siding, decks and fences). The building inspector will sometimes probe the wood to see if this is present - especially when wood has been freshly painted.

  1. Sewer Blockages/Line Breaks

Some older neighbourhoods have common issues with sewer pipes that are made from a collapsible material. This can be an extremely costly repair, and one that most buyers will run away from

  1. Windows/Doors

Are your window seals broken? Do the casements or sashes work properly and smoothly? Are all the screens in place? These are things that will come up on an inspection

  1. Eavestrough Extensions/Water Drainage

Most inspectors will look for drainage issues on the outside of the house. The goal is to prevent water from collecting near the foundation, and causing leaks into the basement. Make sure your eavestroughs are clean, your eavestrough extensions are in place, and that there is an adequate slope away from the foundation around the perimeter of your home. Building up soil or drainage rock around your home is a good idea.

  1. Asbestos/Radon/Other Hazardous Chemicals and Products

Asbestos was used prevalently in construction before 1984. This can be an issue for potential buyers depending on where it is, and how concentrated. Radon has come under the microscope in recent years, and is starting to become a big issue for buyers. Having these two tests done before you list your home can be a big benefit.

  1. Structural/Foundation Problems

An inspector will certainly investigate the underlying footing and foundation of your home as structural integrity is fundamental to your home.

Could a Pre Inspection Save You Money?

From a realtor’s perspective, yes. Not only could a pre inspection ease the mind of a buyer before they write an offer, it could be a great leverage tool during the negotiation. If we have an inspection in our hands, we’re going to be more confident that there isn’t anything that will pop up, even if a buyer wants to do their own inspection during conditions.

For more info, or if you have a home to sell, give us a shout. We can talk you through all the things that could potentially be a problem for you during your sale.

Call or text me at 403 207 1748, or email me at

To book an inspection with Odds On Home Inspections, go to, or call Chris at ‭(403) 667-4924
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I have listed a new property at 3310 10221 Tuscany BV NW in Calgary.
**INCREDIBLE EXECUTIVE LOFT PENTHOUSE WITH RAVINE AND MOUNTAIN VIEWS FOR SALE!** Villa D’Este has become an address that discerning buyers know. Located in Tuscany, and backing onto the ravine, this lofted condo is the nicest in the building. It’s been updated over the past 2 years with a kitchen make over, new carpet, paint, lighting, appliances and bathroom renovations to make it truly something special. No other unit in the building compares to the quality and finishing. We love the two storey windows that frame that beautiful Alberta sky, the open to below loft that can be used as a sitting area, office, or pretty much anything else, the eye for detail with the updates that were done, and the exceptional location, with the ravine, walking paths, amenities, and the LRT all close by. An awesome opportunity for the empty nester/snow bird to downsize, but not give up quality, or for any executive that wants maintenance free living to complement their busy lifestyle. For more information, click the extra features links, and to book a tour, call or text the number above.
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How To Increase Your Home’s Value & Make It More Energy Efficient

Homeowners remodel their homes for a number of reasons, but one of the most common is to increase resale value prior to listing. Renovations will improve the style and function of your home and may make it more appealing to potential buyers if you’re thinking of listing your home. So are you ready to tackle the bigger projects to see sweat equity when it comes to list your home in the future? 

Renovation Facts and Figures 

40% of renovation projects went over budget, while 33% stayed on budget.  

40% of home improvement dollars in Canada have gone into kitchen renovations. 

Top 3 Reasons for Renovating

1. Improve the design/look and feel 

2. Increase resale value 

3. Improve storage and efficiency 

Top 3 Renovation projects

1. Bathroom renovation/addition 

2. Kitchen renovation/addition 

3. Flooring/Paint

Upgrade Your Kitchen 

The kitchen is the heart of the home. A kitchen remodel will not only improve your home’s functionality, it may also become a key selling point if you decide to sell. The average kitchen remodel costs $24,912 (CAD), with people undertaking a high-end remodel spending an average of $49,495 However, if you’re thinking of listing your home soon and your kitchen is in good shape, you may want to rethink a full remodel. A minor upgrade and a coat of paint may be all you need to freshen up the space. 

Upgrade Your Bathroom 

The bathroom is the place where you get ready to take on the world every day. Show it some love with a makeover. Upgrade your fixtures to reflect your style, or create the spa-like getaway of your dreams. Canadians spent an average of $10,127 (CAD) on their renovation, with people spending an average of $21,200 for a high-end remodel.

Improve Energy Efficiency

Is it time to upgrade your appliances, windows, or other energy-impacting parts of your home? Upgrading your home with energy-efficient features will not only save each month on your utility bill, it may also make the home more attractive to younger or more energy-conscious buyers. 

When you move into a new home, no matter how thoroughly it has been inspected, there are always a few surprises. Like when your couch can’t quite fit down the basement stairs or when that one heat vent for some reason gives of no heat. To be thoroughly prepared when you move into your new home means to be ready to tackle certain tasks that will not only make your new house more cost effective and energy efficient, they’ll also make your home more valuable in the long run! So what should you be ready to do to make your home more energy efficient? Here are a few tips...

Go low flow. Bathing and showering comprises 35% of Canadian household water use. Low flow faucets and showerheads can help you dramatically reduce your water consumption, which can help you save money.

Fix leaks. Leaky faucets and pipes increase your water bill and may require expensive repairs if they’re ignored. Every six months, inspect your faucets and pipes for wear and tear. If you notice a leak, fix it right away, and don’t forget outdoor faucets! 

Go tankless. If it’s time to upgrade your water heater, consider going tankless. A tankless water heater may help you save 20% on your water bill. An added bonus: You’ll never run out of hot water again! 

Canadians use an average of 105 gigajoules of energy per household.While you may have already switched to compact flourescent light bulbs to save money, these tips will add to the savings by regulating your home’s temperature. 

Rethink your insulation. Good insulation not only helps regulate the temperature of your home, it can also reduce your heating and cooling costs by as much as 20%

Manage the temperature automatically. Wouldn’t you love to come home to the perfect temperature? A programmable thermostat helps you save energy and money by scheduling temperature settings for when you’re likely to need heat or air conditioning the most, such as when you wake up and when you arrive home from work. 

Seal up drafts. Have you ever wondered why your home won’t stay warm in the winter or cool in the summer? Check your windows. Drafty windows are not only a nuisance, they can also cause 30-40% of heating and cooling losses. Apply weather stripping to your windows to patch up leaks and save more money.

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I have listed a new property at 1804 650 10 ST SW in Calgary.
Everything you've wanted in a condo is right here. This clean and bright unit offers a spacious open floor plan perfect for entertaining, and enjoy gorgeous river views from the floor to ceiling windows as you relax by the living room fireplace. The sun room is begging for your home office set up or your instagram-worthy decor. A large master looks out through the sun room, so you'll enjoy stunning views of Prince's Island Park from any room! Axxis is one of Downtown's most popular buildings, and offers fully soundproof units, state of the art security, a full fitness facility, a meeting room, and a beautiful 2-tiered courtyard with almost a quarter acre of green space, a gazebo and sitting areas. On your to the LRT station, you'll walk past a cafe where you can pick up coffee on the way to work. You'll also be seconds from shopping, restaurants, and the river path, or pop over the bridge into Kensington. Create your ultimate haven in the city in this amazing home.
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As we head into the final month of 2019, I want to say thank you to everyone that has supported our team this year, and helped us continue to do what we love to do, and that is help people. We also want to thank everyone who has taken part in our many fundraisers for Juvenile Diabetes Research. There will be more opportunities to help in 2019. 

November Prices Continued the Long Term Trend of Sliding Down Compared to the Previous Year

For anyone that has been watching the Calgary market for the past 5 years, it's been tough to get excited about much from a sellers perspective. Prices have been steadily eroding since September of 2014, and that trend continued in November. Prices compared to last year (November 2018) have slid another 2%.

It's not all doom and gloom though. Looking at the year as a whole, we are ending it just as we started, with a benchmark price of hovering around $420,000.00 (January 2019 - $421,000.00, November 2019 - $419,000.00). In fact, you can look at this year as a whole, and say the prices were fairly steady month over month. It's just when we compare to the same month the previous year that we see declines.

As we move into 2020 and start comparing current month stats to 2019, we will more than likely see numbers that are very close to the year previous. That is actually really good news, especially if you are buying.



Comparative Stats 2018 - 2019.

That is where the opportunity lies....buying. When prices start to flatten out like this for a full year, people trying to time the bottom of the market start to take notice. The fear of missing the best deals can kick in, and it can bring some purchasers out of the woodwork. If that happens, we can anticipate a fairly steady but flat 2020 as well. It was the same in 2010-2011. Prices were dead flat from the beginning of 2010 to the end of 2011, and a lot of people did very well investing in real estate through the peak of 2014. 

Achieving more stable conditions will take time. Sales activity has been settling in at lower levels and is likely being influenced by the economic conditions and uncertainty weighing on our market,” said CREB® chief economist Ann-Marie Lurie. “While the amount of supply in the market continues to ease, the persistent oversupply continues to weigh on prices.”

People are beginning to accept the reality of where the Calgary Real Estate Market is. This is what you can consider "average conditions." It's the playing field we are on, and we have to accept the rules of the game. We can't keep comparing back to "How It Used to Be." 


Units Sold 5 Year Overlap

We're looking forward to 2020. A fresh decade, and a chance for this city to reinvent itself, which is probably 15-20 years overdue. We hope you have an amazing holiday with your family, and a Happy New Year! Thanks again for reading our articles, blogs and watching our videos online. We really appreciate it. 

As always, if you or anyone you know is buying a home, or wants to sell Faster, For More Money, & With WAY Less Hassle, pass along our name to them, or let us know who they are, and we'll follow up to see how we can help.

Check out the housing market quick-facts for the month below, and the full stats report here. We'll chat again in 2020!


Ken Rigel
Team Lead - Ken Rigel Group
Office: 403 207 1748
Cell: 403 835 6338



  • Detached sales improved in November over last year’s levels, mostly due to growth in the $400,000 – $500,000 range. However, sales in November and overall activity remain low by historical standards.
  • Despite some recent gains in sales activity, year-to-date sales remain comparable to last year’s levels and 20 per cent below longer-term trends. However, detached sales have improved in both the North West and South districts this year.
  • Improving sales, combined with further declines in new listings, helped reduce inventories in this sector compared to levels recorded last year. However, supply levels remained elevated based on seasonal comparisons.
  • Like some of the other sectors, the detached market is slowly moving toward more balanced conditions. However, it is still oversupplied, and this trend continues to weigh on prices.
  • The detached un-adjusted benchmark price was $481,500 in November, slightly lower than last month’s levels and two per cent below last year’s prices. 


  • Apartment sales pulled back this month, causing year-to-date sales to remain comparable to last year’s levels and 21 per cent below long-term averages. 
  • The monthly decline in sales was mostly driven by pullbacks in the City Centre, North West and South East districts. However, on a year-to-date basis, sales activity improved in the North, West and South East districts.
  • New listings rose across most districts, causing city-wide inventory gains this month. Much of the gains were a result of a rise in new-home listings filtering into the resale market. Despite the monthly shift, year-to-date new listings and inventories remain lower than last year’s levels.
  • Weaker sales, combined with rising inventories, pushed November months of supply to over seven months. This is higher than last year’s levels of more than five months. 
  • Persistent oversupply in this sector caused prices to ease. The year-to-date benchmark price declined by more than two per cent.


  • Year-to-date sales remain more than six per cent higher than last year’s levels and just below long-term averages.
  • New listings eased this month compared to last year and sales improved.  Inventories continue to ease from the monthly highs recorded last year. While the attached market remains oversupplied, the market continues to improve over last year’s levels.
  • November semi-detached prices eased by two per cent compared to last year. The largest year-over-year declines occurred in the City Centre district. 
  • Row prices eased by nearly four per cent compared to last year. Annual declines ranged from more than seven per cent in the North East district to nearly two per cent in the North West and East districts.




  • Sales activity continue to improve in November compared to last year. This caused year-to-date sales to rise to 1,146 units, an increase over last year and consistent with long-term averages. 
  • The rise in sales continued to be met with a pullback in new listings, resulting in inventory declines. This helped reduce the months of supply and November levels are much closer to balanced conditions.
  • Easing oversupply has helped reduce the downward pressure on prices this month. However, it was not enough to offset earlier declines. The year-to-date benchmark price in Airdrie was $332,345, three per cent below last year’s levels.


  • November sales eased compared to the previous year, but it was not enough to offset earlier gains, as year-to-date sales remained just above last year’s levels. 
  • The notable adjustment this month was in new listings, which eased enough to offset any declines in sales. This caused further inventory reductions compared to last year. While the months of supply did not shift much this month, year-to-date levels have eased from the previous year and remain just above longer-term averages.
  • Despite supply reductions, the market remains oversupplied, which continues to weigh on prices. In November, prices the benchmark price was $394,200, lower than last month and more than four per cent below last year’s levels.


  • November sales continued to improve over the low levels of activity recorded last year. The steady gains have caused year-to-date sales to rise above last year’s levels but remain below longer-term averages.
  • Inventory levels have also been easing, thanks to a rise in sales and reduction in new listings. While the market remains oversupplied, these adjustments are supporting moves toward more balanced conditions.
  • Prices in this market have been slower to adjust. In November, the unadjusted benchmark price was $412,100, lower than last month and over two per cent lower than last year. 
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I have listed a new property at 40 Wentwillow LN SW in Calgary.
Welcome to this stunning alpine chalet-style luxury home in beautiful West Springs. Nearly every aspect of of this property is custom, from the spectacular water feature in the entryway to extensive landscaping and new basement renovations. Vaulted ceilings and an open main floor layout are accented by floor to ceiling windows, gorgeous and thoughtful lighting, and artistic building elements like the two-sided fireplace. A spacious kitchen in beautiful warm woods and sleek granite features elite appliances, lovely glass tile work, and a walk-through pantry. Upstairs, the master suite is absolutely amazing. The ensuite is a luxurious retreat that brings elements of nature into the room through purposeful design and inspired finishings. A walk-in closet with built in shelving completes this dream space. This level is built into the eaves of the house, adding the character of the sloped ceilings to each room. It features a second bedroom with lovely built in shelving and a private ensuite as well as a two more bedrooms and a third bathroom. A floating living area finishes the floor, centered around a second fireplace built into the same exposed stone flue as the main floor and with dual balconies looking over the main living space and front entryway. Recent renovations to the basement have created a statement wine and sports bar perfect for entertaining. High end vinyl plank flooring, in floor heating and another two-sided fireplace create a cozy upscale lounge vibe. Your overnight guests will love having their own private bedroom and four-piece bath here as well. This floor also offers plenty of additional storage. Outside the back door, the deck is tucked perfectly into nature to create a private oasis. The deck features a third waterfall as well as a gorgeous built-in grilling area and a lower stone patio. This one-of-a- kind home is steps from parks and pathways and only minutes from schools and all 85th Street shops and amenities. This is a exclusive listing, please call directly for viewing inquiries.
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*This Article is Courtesy of Better Dwelling Magazine*

Canadian seniors are picking up the pace they extract equity from their homes. Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (OSFI) filings show reverse mortgage debt reached an all-time high in September. The all-time high comes with a mild acceleration to an already very large growth rate.

What Is A Reverse Mortgage?

Reverse mortgages are loans secured against the equity in your home. Seniors, aged 55 and up, borrow their equity as a lump sum or installment payments. They’re kind of like a HELOC, but payments aren’t required. Instead, payments only need to be made when you leave the house – usually by death, default, or sale.

No, this is far from a charitable cause. For the privilege of no fixed payments, you’ll generally pay a higher interest rate than a HELOC. Since loan repayment isn’t on fixed terms, the interest quietly racks up in the background. The balance of the reverse mortgage debt could snowball very quickly for those that don’t pay it off. That means the total balance held by banks is fast growing, before you add new loans. This number should rip higher for some time, especially with Canada’s aging population.

Canadian Reverse Mortgage Debt Tops $3.88 Billion

Canadians added almost a billion in reverse mortgage debt to the pile. The balance outstanding is $3.88 billion as of September, up 1.32% from the month before. This represents a 26.43% increase compared to the same month last year. If you’re looking for dollar amounts, it was $50.82 million in September alone, and $811.62 million from the last year. Reverse mortgage debt for the month prints another consecutive all-time high.

Canadian Reverse Mortgage Debt

The record highs aren’t going to stop any time soon, considering the huge growth rate. The 26.43% growth in September is a slight acceleration from the month before. This is something observed with most housing debt recently. Over the past few months, the 12-month rate of growth has been relatively consistent. Even though September’s growth rate is 39.90% lower than the same month last year, it’s still very large.

Canadian Reverse Mortgage Debt Change

Reverse mortgage debt reached a new all-time high, with growth even accelerating slightly. The acceleration is small, but this is a trend we’ve seen with most mortgage debt. That is, mortgage debt has been accelerating in most segments. Still smaller than last year, but speed is returning.

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This week, a question came up from a friend as we were talking about the real estate market in Calgary, which is a little battered and bruised. They asked, "What does it actually take to get your house sold in this market?" 

Well, to be honest, this market is no different than any other market. We tell our clients and home sellers that there really are only 4 Ingredients to Sell Your Home. 

1. Prep and Presentation: This is getting your home ready for the market. It's extremely important, and the more time you spend on this phase, the more money you make. It means preparing your home for the camera lens. We live in the digital world. Your first showing is not when someone comes through the door, it's when someone clicks on your property on a website. We need to make it look so amazing that it convinces people to get off the couch and come see the house in person. Photos and video are the keys. Taking more time to declutter, decorate, repair damages, paint (remember, with HD photography bright wall colours come out twice as bright in photos, and dark colours twice as dark. As cool as your red bathroom looks in person, it's a massive turn off in photos), and deep clean your home so it looks its best will pay dividends. We guide you through this process as part of the home selling plan.

2. Marketing: This is where I come in. It's my job to get your home in front of as many people as possible. Just putting up a for sale sign and throwing the house on doesn't work. We write compelling advertisements for your home that feature the benefits and unique features that make your house exclusive.  We then put into place our marketing strategy that includes 18 different programs to get your home on hundreds of websites, in front of our 3000+ person qualified buyer database, sent out to thousands of realtors who have buyers, and get all the eyeballs on it we can.

3. Pricing Strategy: The crucial decision. How do you price your home? We feel that pricing is a strategy, it's never a one-time event because the market changes every day. You need to be on top of what is happening not only in your neighbourhood, but in the city as far as sales trends and results go. You can't set it and forget it. Buyers are savvy...they have all the information that you do and are looking for the best value for the money. They also are like sheep.... they follow the crowd. After about 3 weeks on the market, if your home hasn't sold, or if you haven't reacted to the current market conditions, buyers start to miss your home online. It becomes white noise. They start thinking (and we have actually heard this dozens of times) "What is wrong with that place if it hasn't sold yet? If no one else wants it, why would I?" Your pricing strategy has to be focused on how buyers buy, and their psychological reactions to your property. You can decipher a lot about your price buy monitoring your online clicks vs. your actual showings. This is something we do every week and report the results back to our sellers. We can then adjust the price based on the feedback we have gotten, and the state of the market at that moment. As a seller, you need to detach yourself from "I need to get this much money." That isn't how the market works. You are at the mercy of what a buyer is willing to pay today...if you can't do that, you shouldn't put your home on the market. The clock starts ticking on the desirability of your home the second it goes on the market. You have a short window to catch a buyer's attention. If you don't, your neighbour that is a better value will sell first, and that directly affects your market value. Time on market = less money in your pocket. We build a suggested pricing map into our home sale plans so that we are always ahead of the market. We read, react, rinse, repeat.

4. Teamwork: The realtor you choose and you the home seller need to remember you are on the same team. You are all working on a common goal, which is to get the best possible results for the home seller. A good real estate professional has sold hundreds of homes and has a lot of knowledge and experience to lean on. Most home sellers only ever sell 3 or fewer homes in their lives. That is a pretty small sample size to consider yourself an expert. Major corporations all hire consultants to help them see the big picture....and that is what real estate pros do for you...consult you through the process so you make the best decisions you can. There are thousands of nuances in every real estate deal that are different than the last and a good realtor will help you navigate those. Things may have changed in the market since you last sold a home as well, so your expectations may be incorrect for the current state of the economy. Trust your realtor. That's why you are hiring them. They have the experience and knowledge for you to lean on. If you can't trust the person you hired, and they aren't being a consultant to you, fire them, and go hire someone who will.

Just like baking, you can't leave out an ingredient or the cake doesn't turn out. Selling your home is exactly the same. Focus on these 4 items, and you will have a much better experience selling your home.

Do you or anyone you know want to buy a home, or sell their house for More Money, In Less time, With Way Less Hassle? Let us know, or pass their name and number on to us, and we'll be sure to follow up and take awesome care of them. Our number is 403 207 1748, and you can email with any questions.

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I have listed a new property at 1801 330 26 AV SW in Calgary.
Roxboro House, one of Calgary's premiere addresses, offers incredible amenities in the building, and the chic lifestyle of living in Mission..and to top it off, it's a penthouse with panoramic downtown views! 24 hour concierge, a roof top patio, swimming pool & hot tub outline some of the over top features that make Roxboro House special. Out your front door you are a few short steps the Elbow River & the path system which is perfect for an active inner city lifestyle. All the shops and restaurants of 4th Street in Mission are just around the corner. You really don't need a car at all if you don't want! This exclusive apartment has a tremendous amount of space with over 1400 square feet, offering expansive views from almost every room. The master bedroom features an ensuite, there is a three sided fireplace to snuggle up beside on those cold winter nights, & several tasteful updates have been done over the past few years. Secure, heated underground parking round out the complete package that this home is.
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Snow might discourage casual buyers and tire kickers, but it's not going to deter people who are on a hunt for their dream home. Because there is less volume on the market, listing and selling your home in winter can be a huge advantage! But those advantages don't come easy, as creating strong curb appeal and enticing opportunities in the winter is a little harder. If you're willing to put in the work and roll up your sleeves, you have the chance to see a great return on your home, as well as having it sold faster. 

Click here for our free resource page with tips for selling your home in the winter, and to give you an extra head start, find a list of links below on how to spruce up your home's curb appeal in the colder months!  

Greenery makes every space more appealing - it's relaxing and brings prospective buyers back to nature. Click here to see eight plants that love winter.

Knick Knacks - While knick-knacks inside the home aren't the best idea, dressing up your front porch to make it warm, friendly, and welcoming makes a great first impression. Click here to see 21 winter porch decorating ideas. 

Outdoor Lighting - Winter means longer nights, so spruce up your home's outdoor lighting. Not only will it add a little drama and romance to your home, but outdoor lighting is also an added safety and security benefit that comes right with your home. Click here to see more on outdoor lighting.

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And Your Referrals Help Support People Living With Type 1 Diabetes

We have a special connection to Juvenile Diabetes...Our Team Member Brandy and her husband (my brother Tom!) have a daughter with type 1 Diabetes. We have seen first hand how challenging it can be for a child faced with this disease to live a normal, healthy life. That is why we have chosen The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation as a charity we support all year long. They've been a big help to my Brother and Brandy's family, and do amazing work for people of all ages living with Type 1. We hold several fundraisers and events throughout the year, and we just held our Night Of Comedy at Yuk Yuk's. I want to thank everyone who came and supported this great cause. We raised another $1500.00 towards our $6000.00 annual goal!  We also raise money all year long with our Referral Club! For every referral we receive, we donate $100.00 to JDRF on your behalf. So, if you know anyone who is looking to buy or sell, let us know! Not only will we be able to take great care of your friends and family, but you will be supporting a great cause. Your referrals really do help those who need it most!. To help us reach our goal, you can refer your friends and family by calling us at 403 207 1748, emailing, or going to, and fill out the referral form!

Also, go to to check out the amazing job  they do for people living with Juvenile Diabetes!

New Mortgage Lending In Canada Sees Dollar Growth Boom

And it got a lot of looks from people. We break down what it means for Calgary in our blog with our Mortgage specialist Danielle Di Marco. You can check it out at Here is the article (Courtesy of Better Dwelling)....

Canadian mortgage lenders are seeing business pick up – and fast. Bank of Canada (BoC) data shows funds advanced for new mortgages made a big double digit leap in August. The rise in funds is still weighed down by a weak first half of the year, but lending is improving.

New Mortgage Lending Was Up Over 23% In August - Canadian mortgage lenders lent a lot for new mortgages. Lenders advanced $42.98 billion in funds in August, up 23.52% from last year. Insured mortgages represent $11.09 billion of the total, and is up 12% compared to last year. Uninsured mortgages represent the other $31.89 billion, which is up 28% compared to last year. Both segments made big increases, but uninsured mortgages are growing twice as fast.

Canadian New Mortgage Lending - The 12-month pace of growth is down from the month before, but still made a big increase. The 23.52% growth in August is the largest increase for the month, over at least 5 years. The beginning of the year started off weak, so this year’s numbers still aren’t that impressive. This becomes much more clear, when looking at the moving average.

A Weak First Half To The Year Makes Growth Less Impressive - The simple moving average (SMA) for new mortgage lending is higher, but not by an impressive amount. The 12-month SMA is $31.30 in August, up 2.24% compared to the same period a year before. A weak first-half to the year likely contributed to a later demand squeeze. Not to discount the growth, which is still there. It just doesn’t look like a boom, like the straight year-over-year read does.

Canadian New Mortgage Lending – Canadians are back to borrowing for new mortgages, but it’s still too early to call it a new trend. The first two months printed very large, unadjusted increases year-over-year. The 12-month SMA is also now higher than the same period a year ago. However, this is only two months unadjusted, and one month as a 12-month SMA to show growth.


How To Sell A Home that didn't Sell

If your home has just come off the market and hasn’t sold, don’t be discouraged. The reason it didn’t sell may have nothing to do with your home or the market. If your listing has expired and you still want results, before you put your home back on the market, take a step back and review your situation. There are 4 Big Things that go into selling a home...

Q. Where should you begin?

A. Start by making a commitment to do what it takes to market your house to get it sold. With the right system, the home sale you want is still well within reach.

Q. Why didn’t your home sell?

A. Review your previous selling plan and you’ll discover that an expired listing usually re- flects a problem in one or more of these four major areas:

  • Teamwork,
  • Pricing,
  • Condition of Your Home,
  • Marketing.

Why Don’t Some Houses Sell?

4 Important Points That Will Get Your House Sold!

1. Teamwork

Your home is a major financial investment, and your relationship with your Realtor® should be a full partnership where your needs and wishes are heard, and you receive detailed and dependable feedback on the progress of your sale. Your agent has a responsibility to source this feedback from the agents who have shown your home, and to communicate this to you so together you can make the right decisions about what to do next. How well did this occur the last time you had your home up for sale?

2. Pricing

Did price work for or against you? The “right” price depends on market conditions, competition and the condition of your home. Pricing it too high is as dangerous as pricing it too low. If your home doesn’t compare favorably with others in the price range you’ve set, you won’t be taken seriously by prospects or agents.

You’ll get the facts when you see the statistics!


HOT TIP! Every Seller Can Boost a Property’s Exposure!

  • Make your house easy to show.
  • Consider installing a lock box.
  • Allow showing times that are convenient to buyers.
  • Use a “For Sale” sign, where permitted.
  • Create a Good First Impression by depersonalizing furnishings and decor so prospects can visualize themselves in your home, emphasizing curb appeal, and keeping large pets at a distance.

Remember — The next prospects who visit your home may be your buyers — be ready for them!


To help you to establish a realistic selling price for your home, ask your agent to provide you with an up-to-date competitive market analysis to give you:

  • a review of comparable homes recently sold or currently for sale,
  • an idea of how long other homes have been listed, in order to calculate an average time in which a home can sell in today’s market,
  • a review of homes whose listings have expired, to understand what issues were at play.

Note: There is no mention of how much you paid for your home or its improvements. Like any other investment, the market value is determined by what a willing buyer will pay and a willing seller will accept.


3. Condition Of Your Home

Showcase Quality!

Is your house someone else’s idea of a dream home? When buyers enter are they inspired? Do they think, “I love this house!” Remember, the decision to buy a home is based on emotion, not logic. A house in move-in condition invites a sale.

You need to consider:

  • fixing all the little squeaks and cracks
  • keeping it clean for all showings
  • making it uncluttered
  • brightening it up
  • what your home shows like from the street concentrating on outside curb appeal.

Plus — Consider taking care of major items, such having your home painted. Offering an allowance to your prospective buyers, so they can have painting completed is not the same as having done it for them. Now, as they’re trying to imagine what that new paint job will look like, they may also be discounting the price even further because of the less-than- perfect look of those walls.

Remember…A house that presents well, sells for the best price because it outshines the competition.

* Ask your agent if they can arrange a no-obligation inspection of your home to help you assess the above.*

4. Marketing

Marketing Your Home To Sell! Some Questions You Should Be Asking!One of the first steps in your marketing plan involves finding an agent who will best repre- sent you. When interviewing agents, test and compare their knowledge and ask each to demonstrate how they will market your home to buyers. Compare, too, how much money each spends on advertising the homes s/he lists, in what media (newspaper, magazine, etc.) and the effectiveness of one medium over the other. Remember, it’s not just how much they spend, but how they spend it. Say goodbye to any real estate agents using old, traditional methods to sell your home because they don’t work in today’s market! To be competitive in today’s marketplace, agents who use new and innovative, nontraditional marketing ap- proaches are the ones who are getting more homes sold fast and for top dollar.

HOT TIP! Get the Best Results!

To get the best results when selling your home, you need to team up with your agent to develop a powerful marketing plan that exposes your property to the widest possible pool of prospective buyers.

And Remember...

Not all agents are the same. The relationship between you and your agent can make the difference between selling your home fast, or not selling it all.

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I have listed a new property at 1801 330 26 AV SW in Calgary.
*** AMAZING DOWNTOWN VIEWS FROM AN EXCLUSIVE EXECUTIVE PENTHOUSE - NOT ON MLS! *** Roxboro House, one of Calgary's premiere addresses, offers incredible amenities in the building, and the chic lifestyle of living in Mission..and to top it off, it's a penthouse with panoramic downtown views! 24 hour concierge, a roof top patio, swimming pool and hot tub outline some of the over top features that make Roxboro House special. Out your front door you are a few short steps the Elbow River and the path system which is perfect for an active inner city lifestyle. All the shops and restaurants of 4th Street in Mission are just around the corner. You really don't need a car at all if you don't want! This exclusive apartment has a tremendous amount of space with over 1400 square feet, offering expansive views from almost every room. The master bedroom features an ensuite, there is a three sided fireplace to snuggle up beside on those cold winter nights, and several tasteful updates have been done over the past few years. Secure, heated underground parking round out the complete package that this home is. CALL OR TEXT 403 207 1748 TO BOOK YOUR PRIVATE TOUR. This is an EXCLUSIVE listing...not found on MLS!
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Please visit our Open House at 7 Crystal Shores ME in Okotoks.
Open House on Sunday, November 17, 2019 12:00PM - 2:00PM Open House
***INCREDIBLE CUSTOM BUNGALOW ON A HUGE EXQUISITELY LANDSCAPED PIE LOT, BACKING ONTO PATHS WITH LAKE ACCESS – SELLERS ARE RETIRING!!!!**** From the moment you drive into the cul de sac, you know this is the special house on the street. The stone front façade highlighted with natural wood give this home an upscale western feel. As you walk up, the landscaping detail starts to take shape. Tons of trees, custom stone retaining walls and a rock firepit area highlight the extensive investment in the yard. Through the custom 42' door, you’ll find a warm, stylish home accented with natural stone and wood throughout. High ceilings and exposed beams highlight the main floor, with its massive mud room (who doesn’t want that!), wide open kitchen/nook/family room (including a floor to ceiling stone fireplace), office (which could be a 6th bedroom), and master bedroom with an amazing en-suite, recently upgraded with new counters, and black fixtures (every bath in the house has recently been updated the same way). In the basement, 4 bedrooms surround a central family room with custom built in cabinets. The current owner has a voice studio built, which could easily be converted to anything you like (think wine room). Back to the outside, the main floor leads to a covered upper deck, overlooking the picturesque backyard leading to the path. Private and quiet…the perfect setting. The current owners lovingly built this home to raise their family, and it is now time for someone else to enjoy it. Crystal Shores is a great family neighbourhood, with a private lake and club house. It truly is a COMMUNITY. Please see the attached list of upgrades in the house, and to book a private tour, please call.
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I have listed a new property at 4316 BRENTWOOD GR NW in Calgary.
****ATTENTION FLIPPERS, RENOVATORS, & BUYERS WANTING TO BUILD SWEAT EQUITY**** EXCLUSIVE OFF MARKET, HANDY MAN SPECIAL -FANTASTIC PRICE! Solid Brentwood bungalow ready for a renovation. It needs a full gut, but it has the bones to make it awesome. 3 beds up, double detached garage, huge lot, over 1000 square feet. ATTENTION FLIPPERS, RENOVATORS, & BUYERS WANTING TO BUILD SWEAT EQUITY Call/text Ken @ 403 207 1748 or email for exclusive access. You can't see this home anywhere else!
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